Comcast Cable Boxes: Are They Notoriously Bad?

The mother of a friend of ours recently had to get her Comcast cable box replaced. It led to an interesting conversation, he said.

My mom has been having big problems with Comcast and, apparently, repair guys have admitted that their DVR boxes have a design flaw and, as a result, they stop working constantly. One guy told her he carries around dozens of boxes with him because of how many complaints they've had. People are having to replace them every few weeks.

So we asked Houstonians on our Twitter page if they'd had problems, and it was clear -- many had. (Of course, people who didn't have problems wouldn't be likely to answer.)

We heard:

-- all the time... Comcast is awful

-- if u find 1 that wrks great, treat it w/respect! they hardly ever work. I've had to replace so many of them.

-- I had to replace mine a few weeks ago and the line at comcast was out the door. Even considered switching

-- yes! And digital box as well just replaced one and the new one didn't work, won't power up.

So, what's the deal, Comcast?

Company spokesman Ray Purser says "generally speaking the Comcast DVR boxes are more reliable now than ever before."

Then again, he added : "Comcast recently introduced a new initiative to test each DVR box before they are distributed."

Which, you know, sort of indicates there was need to address.

Purser said he checked with various Comcast departments, and "there has not been a rush of customer calls concerning our DVR boxes. This does not appear to be a widespread issue."

So you are suffering on your own, people. He adds:

Additionally, I did want to address a comment from your friend's email. Comcast serves more than 700,000 customers, most with two or more digital boxes in their homes, so you can imagine our service technicians receive and complete many repairs and installations, including DVR repairs and installations, throughout the day.

I wanted to share one of Comcast's general rules of thumb -- all service technicians should have multiple boxes and modems available in their vans in an effort to provide timely and seamless service repairs to our customers. I would expect many of our service technicians carry dozens of many items, including the DVR box.

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Richard Connelly
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