Comcast Customer Service Horror, in Your Words

Yesterday, Hair Balls coughed up a horror story involving a not-very-awesome customer service experience at the hands of Comcast.

So did the readers in the comments section of the blog as well as on Houston Press's Facebook page.

The appearance of our post was timely for Delia Cruz.

Omg is this a sign? I just got off the phone with them. Worst customer service ever, they claim the technician was at my apartment and that no one was home. Called my husband on my work phone to answer the door, no one was there!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Steve Perez was straight and to the point in expressing the warm and fuzzies that the cable/Internet/phone provider bring out in him.

It's all horror! I hate them!

Then there's this jaw-dropping debacle, courtesy of Laurie Peña.

Left the comcast guy in the home office, went to living room to make sure we had service there. He came out and said he was done. My phone started ringing... It was in his pocket!!! That jerk face tried to steal my iPhone!! What a douche. I was only gone like not even a min. Damn.

"Mstexan" was also put through the ringer after her husband passed away.

The "angel" installers are usually subcontract employees, who are not really Comcast employees, at least that's what the nice "angel" installer who came to my house after three attempts to get my Comcast cable working. I hate this company; after my husband died and I tried to change the name on the account to mine; I had to go down to the Comcast location. Then, when they input my name wrong, they told me I'd have to go down there again to make the change. I decided I don't care if they send my bills to my misspelled name! It's not worth it to stand in line for such a silly thing.

Surprisingly, a dude identifying himself as a Comcast rep posted an apology in the comments section of the blog. Hair Balls also received a direct e-mail response to a message that we had sent to the company. Our e-mail included a link to our horror tale.

I see you have posted online your experience with our customer care. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your suggestion on how to improve our service. I have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate management team for further review and action. We appreciate your interest in making Comcast the best entertainment value possible.

What follows is an obvious cut-and-paste job of generic text that's way too long and boring to post here in full. We will, however, include the e-mail's conclusion so that you can see what ImeldaPCNV has to say. (We've always wanted a pal named ImeldaPCNV!)

Thank you for choosing Comcast. We value your business.

Have a wonderful day, Mr. Jansen!



Comcast Customer Care Specialist

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