Comment of the Day: Predicting the Future of an Amateur Tattoo Artist

We have some great commenters here on Hair Balls, and it's time we paid some damn attention to them.

So we'll be highlighting a Comment of the Day each morning, from the previous day's work. Maybe two comments, even.

This will all be determined by a highly rigorous scientific formula involving wit, clarity and whatever else we feel like at the moment.

We brought you the tale of Rudy Garay, a man arrested for tattooing (without a license or professional tools) a "Hello Kitty" tat on the stomach of a 15-year-old neighbor girl, much to her parents' surprise and dismay.

One reader looked into his crystal ball.

roadgeek wrote:

Our county jails and state prisons are filled with schlubs like him; he's not dangerous in the same way a rabidly paranoid meth user might be, but he'll spend his adult years just sort of staggering through life, leaving one mess after another behind him. He's 19, and already has the look of a man who's facing a lifetime of poor planning, bad choices and consequences.

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