Community Shows Video of Fort Bend Deputy Shooting Man to Death

Quannel X and family members of Michael Blair call Blair's death an "execution."
Newly released footage shows a Fort Bend County Sheriff's Deputy firing eight rounds into the head of a mentally ill man laying on his bathroom floor in November 2013, according to community activist Quannel X. The minister said he is giving a copy of the recording to the FBI and is demanding an investigation into what he said were lies told by officers regarding the incident.

The tape captures the killing of 26-year-old Richmond man Michael Blair, whose panicked family called 911 when Blair, a paranoid schizophrenic, shut himself in a bathroom with a knife and threatened suicide.

Although a Fort Bend County Sheriff's Officer told KTRK that Blair had lunged at the officer, Quannel X said today that Blair was laying on the ground when the officer stood over him and fired 11 shots, with 8 hitting Blair's head.

The minister called Blair's death "nothing more than a cold-blooded execution." He said that, on the day of the incident, the family first called area psychiatric hospitals seeking help, but were told to call 911.

"The worst thing they ever did was call 911 to help their loved one," Quannel X said.

The minister also accused the deputies involved that day of lying to a grand jury, and said he and the family deliberately withheld the tape until after the Sheriff's Office's own investigation, because he wanted to expose the deputies' "damn lies."

Blair's mother, Kimberly Blair-Olaniyi, said "We forgave that officer," adding that she wanted him to live a long life so he can think about "how he murdered my son."

He said the family is also demanding the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office to implement mental health assistance protocols that were promised shortly after the shooting.

Quannel X did not say how he got a copy of the tape, but he did say that he and the family have "one more shocking piece of evidence."

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