Compaq Headquarters, 20 Years Ago: The Cutting Edge Back Then

Found on the webz: This video from 20 years ago this month, a walking tour of Compaq headquarters here in Houston. With the


(4 GB of RAM!!) still in the future -- and future overlord H-P in no one's thoughts -- these brave engineers entered the `90s.....wearing the fashions of the early `80s.

There's some creepiness factor here: A woman wearing classic Mom jeans is followed at length, and at one point the thing goes to slow motion for a few frames when a nice-looking, sassy secretary offers the filmer a smile.

But the payoff is the visit to the ATS Lab at the end, what now would be displayed as a museum of ancient, comically slow and undepowered computer magic.

No idea who shot this or why, but enjoy, computer people.


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