Complaints Down, Citizen Praise up for HPD, HPD Says

Patting themselves on the back
Houston police are doing swell, Houston police say.

And they say they have the numbers to back it up.

HPD announced that complaints filed by citizens dropped by 20 percent in 2011, while at the same time "commendations given to officers from citizens" -- which is frankly not a power we knew we had -- rose 23 percent.

"With more than 1 million calls for police service and countless contacts with the public every day, citizens filed just 243 complaints against officers compared to 356 citzens' complaints filed the previous year," HPD said.

HPD chief Charles McClelland said the number of complaints was the lowest in the "eight or nine years" such records have been kept.

The number of commendations rose from 954 in 2010 to 1,233 in 2011.

"The conclusion that I draw from this: Complaints went down, commendations went up, crime went down," McClelland said. "It certainly leads me to believe that the citizens in this city support HPD, and the majority of the men and women at HPD are doing the right thing."

McClelland's full remarks:

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