Con Artists Head To The Red Cross Shelters

No self-respecting scam artist is going to let a little thing like a hurricane keep him from his career.

In fact, a hurricane can become a hurri-can for a dedicated con artist. Of course, it also helps if you don't get caught.

Harris County DA Kenneth Magidson says two men have been arrested for identity theft, after they posed as potential employers at a Red Cross shelter.

A spokesperson for the DA's office said:

The defendants, Michael Biles and Gregory Lewis, allegedly posed as recruiters for a local company seeking applicants for temporary employment. Investigators said the pair asked shelter residents for personal information such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses, and even voided checks from some of the victims. Although the men represented themselves as employees of RDL Energy Services, they had no affiliation with the company.

You may sneer at the utter heartlessness of these two guys, but...but...ah, go ahead, sneer away.

-- Richard Connelly

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