Condo Monster on Alabama Street

The longtime romantic restaurant Bistro Vino has been closed for a few weeks now, and we're getting word on what's going to replace it.

Something ugly.

But just what type of ugly is up to you!!

The folks at real-estate blog Swamplot have got their hands on a promotional brochure from the person who will be developing the property once occupied by Bistro Vino and an apartment complex.

Color them unimpressed.

"InnerLoopCondos Wants To Know: Would You Prefer Ugly, Pretentious, or Simply Out of Place?" is the headline, over pictures of the half-dozen styles of condo tower being contemplated.

And it's difficult to disagree with their assessment, unless you'd like the tree-shrouded home that was Bistro Vino to be replaced by a garishly yellow, cupola-topped monstrosity or an ultra-modern steel-and-glass monstrosity.

Where's a real-estate bust when you need it?

-- Richard Connelly

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