Congratulations, Galveston, You Are Only 96 Percent Honest

A few weeks back I told you about Honest Tea's "honesty experiment," where they planned to set up a few unmanned kiosks across the country offering their bottles of iced tea with a jar asking for $1, with payment based on the honor system. Many of you were rightfully confused, asking where the "honesty" part came into play, and whether or not the jar was able to be stolen. Some of you are hilarious.

This past weekend, Honest Tea set up shop at Moody Gardens in Galveston to see what would happen when islanders encountered the prospect of free iced tea. Would they pay the $1 like good, God-fearing Texans, or would they embarrass us all by stealing the company's refreshing tea on a sweltering summer day?

Four percent of Moody Gardens visitors swiped the tea without "paying" and 96 percent dropped a dollar in the jar, which wasn't stolen, thank the Lord.

You can check out all the stats here in handy infographic form.

According to a press release, Galveston tied for sixth place in the first National Honesty Index experiment, placing next to Boston, Cincinnati and Seattle. Salt Lake City and Oakland topped the list, both ranking 100 percent honest.

The Honest folks weren't just looking at dollars and sense, but also recording who went to the kiosk, finding that 90 percent of bald men in Galveston were more honest than hirsute women. Galveston brunettes were more honest than blonds, with none of them stealing.

"People in Galveston were more honest than people in San Antonio and Austin," the press release also stated. Something to brag about. I am sure that the kiosk in Austin was covered in Alex Jones stickers and shitty band flyers after the first hour, and the one in San Antone was robbed of its wheels within minutes.

Originally the experiment was supposed to go down at the Houston Zoo, but according to organizers they had changed their minds. I was really banking on zoo visitors driving the kiosk into the seal tank for grins.

Looking at the national stats, it looks like Brooklynites and Southerners wearing plaid (?) are the least honest, coming in at 61 percent and 84 percent, respectively.

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