Congratulations, Houston: We Were Smart Enough To Understand Those Dos Equis Ads

Here's something we didn't know -- those Dos Equis' ads, the ones featuring the "Most Interesting Man in the World" urging us to "Stay thirsty, friends"? We here in Houston have been among the select few seeing them.

As ads, they're unusual enough to catch attention -- the grizzled face of the guy, his voice, the fact he gives off (in terms of being interesting) a vibe more like a Hemingway than a Hollywood star.

Some of the campaign is really a play on the old Chuck Norris meme: "Alien abductors once asked him to probe them," it says on the website.

It turns out Houston has been a test market for the ads, which have also been seen in Austin, Chicago and LA. Now they're going national.

"We had to make sure the advertising is understandable to new consumers, but we had been engaging to the consumers who already knew us," a company spokesperson says. "We had to make sure we were still telling his story."

Apparently we here in Houston had the brainpower necessary to grasp the subtleties of the campaign.

Now it's your turn, Poughkeepsie.

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