Congratulations To The Chronicle

There's been a ton of bad news coming out of 801 Texas lately, but those who are left have something to (semi-)celebrate: The paper was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in the Breaking News category.

The judges praised the "Houston Chronicle staff" for "taking full advantage of online technology and its newsroom expertise to become a lifeline to the city when Hurricane Ike struck, providing vital minute-by-minute updates on the storm, its flood surge and its aftermath."

The staff awards are always great, since so many can share. And, speaking from personal experience, you always remember who beat you out that year. (Damn you, Edna Buchanan!!)

For the Chron, it was The New York Times, for its Eliot Spitzer coverage.

We're not sure how many newly ex-employees of the Chronicle can now at least claim to have been a Pulitzer finalist, but we're guessing the answer is "a bunch."

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