Congressman Michael McCaul Lands The Big Kahuna -- Rush

Congressman Michael McCaul, whose district stretches (somehow) from Katy to Austin, has landed a Big Fish for a fundraiser: Rush Limbaugh, the de facto head of the current Republican party.

An invitation to the May 28 event in Houston has gone out to supporters. McCaul's wife is apparently the daughter of a Clear Channel exec who is good friends with El Rushbo.

So where in Houston is the event?

Pay $500 and find out, sucker. We don't want any counter-demonstrations or anything.

Also attending will be Joanne King Herring, although we'd prefer the Julia Roberts, Charlie Wilson's War version of her.

Limbaugh doesn't do a lot of straight-out fundraising for candidates, which is odd, since as we say he is all but the titular head of the party. And McCaul doesn't seem to be a candidate in trouble, since his district is mostly suburbs filled with SUV-wielding soccer moms.

But maybe no one's safe these days, and it's time to bring in the biggest gun of all.

(Note all the Rush jokes we have so nobly disdained from using, please.)

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