Connor Barwin's Goodbye Ad Thanks a Long List That Includes Two Press Staffers

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Connor Barwin is no longer a Texan, but he's leaving town with the same panache with which he took it over.

Barwin is headed to Philly to play for the Eagles, and he took out a full-page ad in the Houston Press (because he wanted results, dammit) to thank, it seems, just about everyone he'd run into during his time here.

Barwin, of course, was a notable participant in Houston's music and arts scene, displaying an infectious enthusiasm for checking out new things.

So the sharp-looking ad includes restaurateurs, music bars and creative people like those behind the Art Car Parade. Since he's a pro football player, the list includes some doctors. Since he's funny, there's Blaine Gabbert, the Jags QB he sacked often (not to mention teammate Shaun Cody in tiny, tiny print at the end). And because he's nearly unbearably hip, it includes two Press staffers.

Art Director Monica Fuentes and Assistant Music Editor Craig Hlavaty got the shout-outs. They worked with Barwin in connection with our Web Awards; you can see the relevant cover in the upper right-hand corner.

"Working with Connor for our Web Awards cover was a blast," Fuentes says. "Everyone here knows what a big Texans fan I am, and he couldn't have been more gracious and accommodating. As this unexpected act of gratitude proves, he's all class. Philadelphia just became a little bit cooler."

Says Hlavaty: "Connor Barwin and I met last spring when I was working on our Houston Web Awards feature, and we became fast friends, bonding over live music and Houston itself. It was fun to hear him talk about Houston because he was seeing it through inquisitive eyes and not the eyes of a bored lifer here. He embraced this city and it embraced him back. I hope he comes back one day to run for mayor. A giant mayor with a great record collection."

"A Giant Mayor with a Great Record Collection" -- now that's a slogan and a promise to run on. (Especially since our current mayor, Annise Parker, is cover-all-the-bases PC boooorrrring when it comes to music: ""Yes, I have an iPod and listen to a whole range of styles and genres," she's said. "Classical, folk, world, Irish, Celtic, classical guitar and a bunch of tunes by local bands. Of course, old classics. Lately, my favorite thing to listen to has been the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.")

Bring Back Barwin!!

Here's Barwin's ad (You can play "Where's Waldo?" with Fuentes and Hlavaty's names). Good luck in Philly, dude, unless you're playing the Texans.

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