ConocoPhillips Keeps A Ball Or Two

ConocoPhillips Keeps A Ball Or Two

Houston petroleum giant ConocoPhillips never realized just how much people loved their balls.

Not "their balls" in the sense of the guts it takes to charge four bucks a gallon for gas (Am I right or am I right, people?!), but their balls as in the red, round "76" signs that dot their gas stations.

ConocoPhillips is updating its look and losing the balls. And that has pissed off some people, mostly in California, who grew up entranced by the rotating signs

A Wall Street Journal blog notes that the company promised to give away some of the signs.

They've kept their word, bu the troubles haven't ended.

The company donated a big ball to Los Angeles'  Museum of Neon Art, which specializes, we're told, in outdoor signs.

But the ball is six inches too big too fit in the museum. So now it's sitting in the California desert, along with other large signs the museum keeps but can't display.

We can't blame ConocoPhillips officiials too much for being taken by surprise by all this. After all, they live in Houston, where preservation is not exactly a way of life.

Then again, there was some sort of effort a couple of to save the giant neon roach that graced Holder's Pest Control on 59.

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