Conroe Cop's Arrest Might Mean Good News For His Fellow Defendants

Tindall photo.JPG
Photo courtesy Conroe PD
While the federal indictment unsealed earlier this week against Conroe police officer Michael Tindall - accused of robbing a bank where he occasionally worked  - surely came as sad and shocking news to some, there's at least one group of people who may have cause to celebrate: the suspects he arrested.

According to Houston civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen, prosecutors may have a tough time getting convictions in cases where Tindall is the primary witness. Examples include DWI cases, which rely heavily on an officer's testimony, such as he saw the driver weaving and therefore had probable cause to pull him over, or cases where a suspect directly admits to committing a crime.  

"If [Tindall] is convicted," says Kallinen, "it's a crime of moral turpitude. And the main thing is credibility, because people in a jury just are not going to believe a bank robber. The DA might even dismiss some of his cases."

Tindall's cases, however, that are not based primarily on his eyewitness testimony, most likely will not be effected, says Kallinen.

Conroe Police Chief Charlie Ray said earlier this week that Tindall had been a patrol sergeant for the past 16 years. Hairballs called the police department to ask if Tindall's cases would be effected and how many cases he is directly involved with. We are waiting for a return call. Same goes for the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

So if Tindall's name does appear on your arrest sheet, don't uncork the champagne yet, but you never know ....

"If it was my client accused by this individual," says Kallinen, "I'd be calling him up and saying, 'Let's go for a dismissal.'"

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