Conservapedia: The Search for the Truth Ends Here

You are surely aware of Wikipedia, the crowd-sourced online encyclopedia. While sometimes comically inaccurate (but rarely nowadays), Wikipedia is actually a fairly reliable resource for basic facts (How many touchdowns has Tom Brady thrown? Which years was Warren Harding president?). It is almost always one of the first few hits on your favorite search engine when looking up a basic fact. In short, it is useful.

But not everyone likes Wikipedia. Some conservatives, for example. So they formed "Conservapedia."

Tell me more, you say? "Conservapedia is a clean and concise resource for those seeking the truth. We do not allow liberal bias to deceive and distort here." Put another way: "We do not allow liberal censorship of conservative facts. Wikipedia editors who are far more liberal than the American public frequently censor factual information." Conservapedia does not give any actual examples of this.

Conservapedia was founded by Andrew Schlafly, son of famous conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly (that's a Wikipedia link to her bio so be on the look out for any bias) to root out the bias he was certain inhered in Wikipedia.

So what can you learn at Conservapedia that you might be shielded from at Wikipedia? Let's look at some of their most popular entries:

Barack Hussein Obama II (reportedly born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961) is the 44th President of the United States . . . . The liberal claptrap that helped elect Obama as president seems silly today. It was claimed, for example, that Obama has millions of followers on Twitter, when allegedly some 70 percent of them are fake.[4] And although the lamestream media promoted Obama as a great orator, in fact he relies almost entirely on teleprompters for his speeches and press conferences, and at one point even had teleprompters set up for him in a middle school classroom in order to speak to the media.

This reads much like the Encyclopedia Britannica I grew up with. Want more? Evolution, predictably, is a bogus theory: "The fossil record does not support the theory of evolution and is one of the flaws in the theory of evolution."

What about "Homosexuality"?

"Dr. Whitehead coauthored a book with with his wife entitled My Genes Made Me Do it - a scientific look at sexual orientation which argues that there is no genetic determinism in regards to homosexuality (homosexuals are "not born that way") and that there is abundant documentation that individuals are able to leave homosexuality and become heterosexuals."

More good stuff: Fox News is really a bunch of sissy half-conservatives:

The Fox News Channel heavily promotes RINO Backers -- commentators who may appear to be conservative but side with RINOs just when it matters most. Examples include Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, and Rush Limbaugh, who savaged Todd Akin for making a pro-life statement pointing out that pregnancy from rape is rare due to feminine biology. The Fox News Channel gave Karl Rove a platform to raise money against pro-life Republican candidates.

If Conservapedia didn't exist, we would have to invent it. And while Conservapedia is funny on the surface, it is actually more distressing evidence that a certain segment of conservatives have backed away from the real world and live in a right-wing echo chamber where they never hear any views that don't support what they already "know."

Conservapedia is nothing more tendentious conservative commentary -- Fox News isn't even conservative enough! We're not sure Obama was born in Hawaii -- marketing itself as "the truth." Or truthiness. It -- the truth -- doesn't matter anymore, it's all relative.

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