Conservatives' Plan to Close Budget Gap: Sell Liquor on Sundays!!

The conservative-dominated Texas House has come out with its plan on how to close the state's massive budget gap, and it's not just full of silly stuff like "make state employees pay for parking."

Although that is part of the plan.

No, the conservatives who decry every sin someone else commits have a bold proposal: Open up Texas liquor stores on Sunday.

And then encourage residents to drink their asses off so tax revenue will rise, we guess.

Opening liquor stores on Sunday will not only have the benefit of creating more drunk Texans, it will funnel $7.4 million in taxes to the state government.

And that's $7.4 million using current estimates of liquor sales. Imagine if the Texans have another Kubiak Special of a season -- fans are going to need a whole lot of vodka and Jameson's to erase the memories each week.

And now doing so will help Texas! And conservatives!!

Texas, by the way, is one of only 14 states that do not allow liquor stores to be open on Sundays.

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