Construction On A New, Tolerance-Free Pedestrian Bridge Begins In Memorial Park

While everyone's attention has been distracted with the semi-wacky Tolerance Bridge (new name coming soon!) over White Oak Buffalo Bayou, another fancy pedestrian bridge had a groundbreaking Friday.

The $4 million bridge over Memorial Drive will connect the northern and southern portions of the park and allow people -- at least those on the western edge of Memorial -- to cross from one to the other without risking their lives in traffic.

"It allows people to be connected in the different parts of the park, in a safe and beautiful way," Parks & Rec spokeswoman Estella Espinoza tells Hair Balls.

Another idea to reduce traffic dangers, as listed in the park's master plan, is to reducethe speed limit on Memorial by as much as 10 MPH in the park. That, we're not so sure we agree with, as we envision the HPD speed traps racking up needed municipal revenue.

The new bridge -- also, we're guessing, awaiting a name whenever a big-bucks donor steps up -- is "a living bridge," meaning its sides will be covered in greenery.

There's no official timeline for completion, Espinoza says, but the contractor told attendees at the groundbreaking that he expects the job to take eight months or so.

Here' are two bird's-eye views:

-- Richard Connelly

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