It might be a little cool at the beach this week, but the weather should be gorgeous.
It might be a little cool at the beach this week, but the weather should be gorgeous.
Photo by Treva Wygle

Weather Week: A Cool, Beautiful Spring Break on Tap

The only predictable thing about weather in Houston is its unpredictability. It has been a remarkably up and down winter with temperatures ranging from freezing to 80-degree days leaving all of us to bring a sweater or jacket just about everywhere just in case.

This weekend was no exception. Saturday reached a high of 82 degrees with warm, muggy conditions across the region. Sunday began in similar fashion before a front swept through dropping temperatures into the 60s by early evening. This week's weather is a little more consistent.

The cold front that moved through Sunday left behind cool, dry conditions across the region. Clouds cleared out by Sunday night and sunny conditions should abound for the first half of the work week. If you have the week off, lucky you. Expect highs on Monday through Wednesday to only reach the low 70s with lows each night in the upper 40s to low 50s.

By later Wednesday, a southerly flow should return bringing humidity and an increased chance of rain, particularly late Thursday and into Friday. At the moment, the weekend looks a bit uncertain with the possibility of rain and clouds to go with some warmer weather, but for now, let's just bask in the glow of the moment, which is pretty damn nice.

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