Cop: If I Go on a Killing Spree, Blame It on "Useless Lazy Turd Bags"

Proving once again that idiots just can't control themselves on Facebook, a Marlin cop has been fired after airing his frustration over welfare recipients, stating "if I ever snap and go on a killing spree, it will be in a supermarket on the first."

Sergeant Rob Douglas was fired for "violating the city's ethics and internet usage policies," according to KWTX. He'd been with the department for five years.

The full post reads:

The first day of the month! The day I absolutely LOVE going to the grocery store after putting in 120+ hours last month. I love being able to see how the useless lazy turd bags spend the hard earned money my working friends and I provided for them so they can sit on their lazy asses all month and drink the beer I am paying for. I especially love it in the summer so I can admire the thousands of dollars of ink they have adorning their unclean bodies as they smile at me with that mouth full of bling. Makes me want to help them take their groceries and help them load them into that escalade with $4000 rims. I promise, if I ever snap and go on a killing spree, it will be in a supermarket on the first.


"The post has created a situation that has potentially affected everyone within our organization and our community in a negative way," Allen stated in a press release.

In the meantime, we suggest to the folks in Marlin that you find out where Douglas buys his groceries, and then never go there.

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