Cops Get Assist from HCC Students in Nabbing Robbery Suspect

The day after Valentine's was apparently a pretty crazy one for a pair of Houston Community College students, who also happen to be former members of the armed forces. According to a report, on Friday morning, February 15, a robbery suspect stole a laptop computer from a sleeping student and then snatched an iPad right out of the hand of another student. The second victim, a no doubt shocked female student, started screaming bloody murder.

HCC Police Corporal Edwin Johnson was already on his way back to the scene of the first crime with the first victim when they ran into the suspect on the stairs. The suspect reportedly paused for a moment, then shoved Johnson down the stairwell.

In what sounds like an action movie, Michael D. Alaniz, a student and former marine, saw Johnson being shoved down the stairs and immediately gave chase to the suspect. He was joined by another student, Honorato (FTW!) Medrano Jr., a veteran of the navy. The two apparently did not know each other before the incident, which makes us wonder if they broke out into a sailor-versus-marine brawl later. Probably not.

In addition to the students, Corporal Johnson and the first victim recovered and were in pursuit as well.

All four chased the victim to behind a nearby Home Depot, where he fell down. The rest can best be described by the awesome HCC press release:

As the suspect reached the back of the store he fell into a pallet and was cornered. Seeing the tenacious actions of his pursuer, the suspect set down the iPad he had stolen from his female victim and initially raised his hands. Upon the arrival of Cpl. Johnson, the suspect again attempted to flee but was immediately grabbed and wrestled to the ground by Cpl. Johnson, Alaniz and Medrano and was apprehended. A search of the suspect and his possessions was found to contain the first student victim's laptop, a passport that had also been reported stolen from the Gulfton Campus and several other items that implicated this suspect in other thefts at HCC Southwest.

We might not normally appreciate such florid language in describing a simple chase, but in this case, we're happy to allow it.

The moral of the story: Don't steal, but especially don't steal when you have two badass former servicemen on your tail.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.