Cops Raid Northwest Side Barber Shop, Find Stupefying Quantity and Variety of Drugs

My oh my, the Goodfellaz Master Barber Shop certainly did live up to its gangster-iffic name, if a court document Hair Balls obtained is to be believed.

On August 4, a gang/narcotics investigation culminated with a raid on the North Houston Rosslyn Road establishment. Before cops even entered, they claim to have seen drug deals occurring in the parking lot, and four men were arrested for drug-dealing and/or simple possession. Police say all four are gang members.

Cops also claim they saw Goodfellaz owner Edward Dwayne Henry dealing drugs from his 2006 Dodge parked in front of his shop. When they swooped down on him, they say there was a stolen semi-automatic pistol in his driver's side door, some weed on the passenger floorboard, two bottles containing a total of 242 grams of codeine cough syrup on the driver's seat and more than $8,000 either in the car or on his person.

But that was a mere appetizer compared to what cops would find inside this barbershop. Henry and his employees apparently did not confine their work to the outside of their customers' heads.

At barber station number one, police say they found cocaine residue and five bottles of codeine cough syrup, totaling 3,475 grams.

At barber station number four, they claim to have found a stolen semi-automatic pistol, and that barber was charged with felon in possession of firearm. One chair over, police found three grams of powder cocaine and 56 grams of crack.

Next to that chair, they found 286 grams codeine and 453 grams of weed. The Goodfella next chair over outdid all his buddies: There police found a stolen revolver, "quantities" of Xanax and Hydrocodone, 11 grams of powder cocaine, 481 grams of codeine and 535 grams of weed.

The guy next to him had only 73 grams of codeine and 511 grams of weed.

(Here's a handy way for you folks to de-metricize this mess.)

In addition to the other arrests, Henry was busted and charged with felon in possession of a firearm and possession and manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance. Police say he is a documented member of the 44 Acres Homes gang. He is currently out on bond and awaiting trial.

The law also seized close to $10,000 cash which they have now moved to claim as contraband.

We kinda doubt the bust looked much like this, but hell, we feel compelled to embed it here anyway.

They did also find Henry's state barber's license, which apparently was valid.

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