Cornyn's Killing Noriega, Money-Wise

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Rick Noriega, from Houston, isn’t doing so well in the fundraising department, the Republican Party of Texas is happy to inform us. With a little more than three months remaining in the race, Sen. John Cornyn reportedly raised $1.7 million from some 8,000 contributors during the second quarter of the year. As of June 30, Cornyn had nearly $9.4 million in cash.

The numbers aren’t so good in the Noriega camp, who has only $915,000 in the bank. Noriega’s head of press relations, Holly Shulman had a few comments for us. A very, very few.

Houston Press: The Republican Party of Texas released fundraising figures for Cornyn and Noriega today, showing Noriega significantly behind Cornyn.

Shulman: This fundraising quarter shows again that we have a huge amount of grassroots support throughout the state.

Houston Press: Senator Cornyn is saying that he raised $1.7 million from almost 8,000 contributors. He’s saying yours was $930,000.

Shulman: The total raised was $961,000.

Houston Press: That’s still significantly smaller than the $1.7 million. Does that concern you?

Shulman: We have a huge amount of grassroots support throughout the state. We’ve had more than 9,000 contributors and the momentum is continuing to build across Texas with Rick Noriega’s positive message for change.

Houston Press: So there’s no concern at this point? No plans to change fundraising strategies?

Shulman: We have a huge amount of grassroots support.

Houston Press: You have some 9,000 contributors. Do you have an average amount of their individual donations?

Shulman: I believe it’s $140, $150.

Houston Press: Is that in line with past quarters? Is it smaller than previous averages?

Shulman: I’m not sure about the last few quarters, but clearly we’re running a campaign that has attracted a lot of support from small donors.

Small, grass roots donors, we got it.

Olivia Flores Alvarez

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