Corpse Flower: The Smell Is (Almost) On

It appears the biggest tease since Roger Clemens' last semi-retirement is over.

Word via Twitter, Facebook and webcam (when it's working) is that the Houston Museum of Natural Science's corpse flower, the ever-hesitant Lois, has almost begun to bloom.

HMNS says Lois has shown "great progress - and it is possible that the blooming process has started. HOWEVER - Lois did open a little bit last night, and then closed again before this morning."

They're still hedging their bets, of course, considering the history of the plant, which has been predicted for more than a week to make a rare, foul-smelling bloom any minute now.

She's been completely unpredictable thus far, so we do not know what will happen overnight. All we can do is continue to watch!

The Butterfly Center will be open all night, and we invite everyone to come and check on Lois progress. She may open tonight - or she may continue to tease us!

So go ahead and travel to the butterfly center, if you can take the frustration. The thing has to open sometime, doesn't it?

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