Will we need these for blocking out the sun or rain this weekend? Maybe a little of both.
Will we need these for blocking out the sun or rain this weekend? Maybe a little of both.
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You Might Need an Umbrella for Memorial Day...or Not

Live in Houston long enough and you realize that our weather forecasts are bound by different rules. The complex set of variables that is Texas and Gulf Coast weather makes meteorological prognostication rather difficult. So, before you go howling at the screen over our ambiguous forecast for the holiday ahead, try to remember that when a weather person says "Houston," he or she means all 10,000 square miles of the greater Houston region, an area slightly larger than the state of New Jersey.

Now, that disclaimer out of the way, what's in store for the weekend? And, to be honest, we're better off starting with Friday and Saturday because we know plenty of you who are planning a "sick day" Friday and a "party day" Saturday.

The good news is Friday through most of Sunday appears to be quite summer-like. It's going to be hot and fairly humid with highs in the 90s, but it will be mostly sunny as well. Basically, it ought to be damn near perfect pool or beach weather.

By late Sunday, the clouds will start rolling in ahead of a front pushing down across northern Texas. That will draw moisture up out of the Gulf and ramp up chances of rain. But don't fret too much because Sunday is still looking pretty great if you appreciate the heat. If we do see a shower, it will be of the stray, isolated variety.

On Monday and heading into the shortened workweek, things will change. Rain chances will increase overnight Sunday and linger throughout most of the week. At this point it doesn't appear that the region will be blanketed with constant rain and thunderstorms, but we could get a couple of inches between Monday and Thursday. For the natives, that's the equivalent of getting hit by a sprinkler when you're out for a walk at night with your dog. It's maybe a little annoying, but hardly anything to freak out about, and the dog may enjoy it.

Still, since it's a holiday, it would be nice if the weather cooperated for those who choose their activities outdoors. We think that, for the most part, no one is going to get soaked. Partly to mostly cloudy with a 60 percent chance of rain during the afternoon hours seems to be a reasonable enough prediction, and that would appear to be what we can expect most of the week thereafter as well.

So, if you are going to kick it in the yard, it's unlikely you'll get wet (at least from Mother Nature) through Sunday, but you might want to prepare for showers on Monday. In other words, get your partying done early so you can get a day of rest in on Monday before you have to get back to the grind.

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