Could You Do It In a Smart Car?

I’m starting to spot

Smart Cars

around town. Driving down Montrose, parked in the lot at my local Y.

They’re so cute, but I’m wondering…

Could you do it in a Smart Car?

I mean, they have great gas mileage (40 city/45 highway), they’re remarkably affordable (they start at $11,590), and they’re better for the environment than most vehicles (so lay off, Al Gore).

But can you do it in a Smart Car?

There’s no back seat, is there? No, there’s not. So that kills that classic car sex thrill of backseatin’ it. But I suppose it’s still possible, right? Does anyone out there know?

According to the Web site, here are the car’s dimensions:

The car available in the United States is:

* 8.8 feet long (you can usually fit two in an average parking space!)

* 5.1 feet tall (as much headroom as most luxury vehicles!)

* 5.1 feet wide (two six foot, five inch plus people can sit side by side with plenty of shoulder room to spare!)

But what if you don’t want to spare that shoulder room? What if you want to get dirty nasty crazy in your Smart Car? What if you want to go up to Lover’s Lane (or the Disco Kroger parking lot at three in the morning) and get buck wild in your Smart Car?

And let’s say you could. Would it even be comfortable?

Seriously, let Miss Pop Rocks know. Can you do it in a Smart Car? Now, please don’t go breaking any laws of public decency on my behalf, but just lemme know. Because I’m curious. – Jennifer Mathieu

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