Could You Get All of Your Christmas Shopping Done at Buc-ee's? Probably

If you travel anywhere in Texas, you have no doubt been to a Buc-ee's super gas station, home of clean restrooms, cheap gas, crack-like Beaver Nuggets, cutesy Texas trinkets, hunting gear and, at peak traveling hours during weekends and holidays, groggy and zombie-like humans hungry for beef jerky and coffee.

The biggest Buc-ee's locations, like the ones in Madisonville, Luling and near San Marcos (with one coming soon to Texas City) are part gift shop, deli, BBQ joint and convenience store.

Imagine that you are on a holiday road trip in Texas and you didn't get anything for the friends or family at your destination. What would you do? Let's throw gift cards and Walmart out of the equation. You could go to a Buc-ee's, of course, and knock out most of your list, and then some. You never know when you may need a Come And Take It bumper sticker.

This week I ventured out to the location in Luling to see if you really could do most of your Christmas shopping at Buc-ee's.

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