Countdown to 2013 King of Content: 3. Fan Fighting League

It feels like we fight a lot more these days, as a people, as a society. I don't mean argue and verbally spar, I mean it feels like we are much more okay with literally punching each other in the face.

Maybe that's the case, maybe not.

Or maybe it's because now we have the ability to film ourselves punching each other in the face immediately, or film two nearby patrons punching each other in the face immediately, then upload it to a portal on the internet to allow me to blog about it and give it it's permanent place in web history that I feel like we fight a lot more.

Whatever the case, people fought a lot in 2013, and it got filmed. I just couldn't let those videos stand by idly without analysis.

So that's what I did. It became my calling. I became a written word Jim Ross for every hardcore match between two (or more) fat slugs at a (fill in name of NFL team) game.

Truth be told, what started out as mere analysis of fans fighting solely at football games was taken to a whole other level in 2013. Sure, we still had fans in the upper reaches of the 600-level sections using fists at games because...well, that's what the 600-level is for. (Except at Raiders games where every level is for fighting. Also, for smoking weed.)

But in 2013, we added fans cracking each other in the head with bottles, cat fights at steeplechase races, fat chicks fighting at intersections in Houston, and a bunch of Santa Clauses going Yuletide Kobra Kai on some civilians at SantaCon in New York.

We even added gimmick matches between NFL fans, taking the fight away from the stadium and having them duke it out on public transportation. (Be careful on the Atlanta MARTA, people!)

There was a time for about two years back around 2003 when people were making money selling DVD's of rednecks and hicks wrestling in their backyards with trampolines and weapons and lots of broken English. I'm assuming they moved a bunch of these because who doesn't like watching inbred crackheads beat each other up (I know of at least three that they moved to, um, a friend of mine.)?

Then along came YouTube, and along came iPhone cameras, and POOF...there goes the market for hick fighting DVD's. We could now watch them for free whenever we wanted. I bring this up to use this post as a lesson for budding entrepreneurs -- you never know when the window is going to close on your awesome idea. So stay nimble, stay creative, and get while the gettin' is good!

Because eventually someday it could all go away. Who knew all of those fights between society's dregs would be uploaded to YouTube where we would all watch for free, and the only job left would be to break them down and analyze them?

So sorry, all of you...that analyst's job is taken. Back away.

Here are ten posts on fans fighting that I did this past year. Thanks to all of the participants who collectively made "fighting fans" the number three entry on the countdown to King of Content 2013:

January 28, 2013: Fan Fighting League! It's FFL Playoff Time! Falcons Fans Pummel 49er Fan (w/ VIDEO..and Pepper Spray!) January 29, 2013: Fan Fighting League! FFL Pro Bowl Brawl (w/ VIDEO) May 15, 2013: Fan Fighting League! Iroquois Steeplechase Cat Fight Edition (w/ VIDEO) October 1, 2013: Cowboy And Charger Fans Take Turns Breaking Bottles Over Each Other's Heads (w/ VIDEO) October 15, 2013: Fan Fighting League! Philly Fan Invades Tampa (w/ VIDEO) October 23, 2013: Zapruder Analysis Of Homicidal Jets Fan Punching Female Patriots Fan (w/ VIDEO) December 5, 2013: Zapruder Analysis of New York Jets Fan Spewing a Fountain of F-bombs December 17, 2013: Zapruder Analysis of the Drunk Santa Brawl at SantaCon 2013 December 18, 2013: Zapruder Analysis of Two Chicks Brawling at Intersection of Harwin and South Gessner December 24, 2013: Fan Fighting League! Cowboy Fan Fights Falcon Fan On MARTA Train

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