Countdown to 2013 King of Content: 9. Jacoby Jones

Recent history has not been kind to the Houston Texans when it comes to either former Baltimore Ravens coming to Houston or the Texans cutting players loose and seeing them wind up in Baltimore.

The Ed Reed saga was chronicled in detail in the most recent "King of Content" post -- Hall of Fame career in Baltimore, washed out after seven games played in Houston.

With talent heading the other way, Houston to Baltimore, well, those guys all got crowned (in a good way) at the end of last season. Vonta Leach continued to perform at a Pro Bowl level at fullback and got a ring. Bernard Pollard continued to play his very limited box safety game with a side dish of constant shit talk and got a ring.

And then there's Jacoby Jones, who was run out of Houston on a rail after a disastrous muffed punt in a January 2012 playoff game (ironically, in Baltimore) and went to Baltimore, became a big play machine in the 2012 post season and, yes, got a ring.

But Jacoby Jones got so much more.

Jacoby Jones was able to ride a couple of huge plays in the Super Bowl (a long touchdown reception right before halftime and a touchdown return of the opening kickoff of the second half) and the touchdown dances that went along with them to mainstream relevance.

Ask any Texans fan what kind of odds he or she would have given you in January 2012 that a year from then, Jacoby Jones would wind up on the cover of Sports Illustrated, wind up as a hilarious guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and wind up in the final three on Dancing With the Stars within just a few months of a record-breaking Super Bowl performance.

5,000 to 1? 500,000 to 1? 5 trillion to 1?

Seriously, it was one of the most bizarre "deal with the devil" eight-month periods we've ever seen in sports history. (And appropriately enough, none of Jones's exploits in the Super Bowl would have even been possible were it not for a huge play to save the Denver divisional round game by...yes, you guessed it, Jacoby Jones!)

Of course, the crash back down to earth was just as "Jacoby" as his rise to relevance was improbable. Nursing a knee injury that he sustained colliding with teammate Brynden Trawick on a fair catch, Jacoby's crash landing was sealed with a champagne bottle upside the head from something called a Sweet Pea (she's a stripper, or a prostitute, or something) while riding a party bus for then teammate Bryant McKinnie's birthday.

The bottle seemed to serve as a metaphorical recalibration, sending Jacoby Jones back from whence he came for good -- an unproductive, nondescript wide receiver on an average NFL team.

That's the Jacoby Jones Texans fans had come to know and love!

Jones was featured in five posts this past year, good enough for ninth on the "King of Content" list. Here they are:

February 4, 2013: Super Bowl XLVII: 4 Winners, 4 Losers February 6, 2013:Jacoby Jones' Revenge Tour 2013 Continues With A Sports Illustrated Cover February 8, 2013: Jacoby Jones' Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live Was Jacoby-tastic!! (w/ VIDEO) September 24, 2013: Jacoby Jones' Deal With The Devil Ends In A Pool Of His Own Blood September 27, 2013: Sweet Pea vs Jacoby Epilogue: Jacoby Jones Apologizes For Doing Nothing Wrong


King of Content 2013: Honorable mentions 10. Ed Reed

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