County Attorney Vince Ryan Files Suit Against Industrial Container Cleaning Business

We're not terribly strict about most things having to do with the environment around here. Maybe it's because we're living on the carcinogenic coast, or maybe it's because that's just not how things go in the Lone Star State, or maybe both. But when a company is spitting out enough chemical smells and liquids to bother the people living in the area, someone is bound to take notice.

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has filed a lawsuit against a Channelview industrial tank and container cleaning business demanding that the business stop the pollution and noxious odors that allegedly flow from the facility.

Ryan contends that these emissions and waste materials are causing neighbors to complain of nausea, headaches and burning eyes, according to a statement released Monday. The defendant, Texas Industrial Box Maintenance, located at 15531 Market Street, cleans tanks and containers used in the transportation and storage of chemicals and regulated waste.

Nearby residents have complained about the smells coming from the tank cleaning operation, leading the Harris County Pollution Control Department to cite the company on seven separate occasions for violating Texas environmental and safety laws. (And just imagine how bad those smells had to be!) "The tank and container cleaning business is an essential part of our region's oil and petrochemical industry. It is also a dangerous business," County Attorney Ryan said. "Our Office will continue to work to make sure that these companies are following the laws that protect our residents."

According to the lawsuit the company allegedly allowed unauthorized air emissions, accepted chemical waste without a permit and allowed chemical waste to flow into the waterways. In addition to seeking a court order to require the company to follow health and safety laws, the County Attorney has asked for civil penalties of up to $25,000 for each day the company allegedly has violated the law. So if convicted, it could all get pretty expensive for Texas Industrial Box Maintenance.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.