County Attorney Wants to Ban Bloods and Crips From Neighborhood -- Nothing Scares Those Dudes Like a Court Order!

Gang members make bad neighbors -- Bloods are notorious violators of homeowner association driveway maintenance rules, and Crips have been known to not mow their lawns for weeks at a time -- which is why Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan wants to ban those gangs from a north Harris County community.

"Ryan is asking a judge for an injunction forbidding 37 members of the Bloods and 17 members of the Crips from being present in the East Aldine Safety Zone," a 217-acre area east of Highway 59 and south of Bush Intercontinental Airport, according to a press release.

The Safety Zone -- which sounds like it's surrounded by a force field -- has two schools, as well as apartments, restaurants, "a residential community" and a retail segment, according to the release.

"The members of these street gangs regularly engage in criminal activity in this community, putting residents in danger and harming their quality of life," Ryan stated in the release. "This type of injunction is a proven way to remove dangerous criminals from a community."

The petition calls the gang members a "public nuisance" and seeks to bar them from "entering, remaining, appearing, sitting, walking, driving, bicycling, or being physically present" within the boundaries of the Safety Zone. (We wish they had included "Segway-ing," just to cover all bases.)

Ryan "won a similar injunction last year against other members of the Crips and Bloods that banned them from the Brays Oaks Safety Zone in southwest Houston," according to the release.

The Zone also contains the Haverstock Apartments, the target of a similar court order obtained by the Harris County District Attorney in 2010, according to the press release. The complex was called "the most dangerous apartment complex in Harris County," but conditions "improved dramatically" after the injunction.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.