County Judge Emmett Separates Shoulder, Will Miss Eagles Game

Blatantly ripping off the Barack Obama basketball injury, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett's office has announced that he, too, is on the injured-reserve list.

Emmett separated his shoulder in an early-morning tennis game today and will likely require surgery, spokesman Joe Stinebaker says.

"Judge Emmett fell and landed on his shoulder during a tennis match with a friend, suffering a 'Stage 3 Acromioclavicular (AC) Separation,' meaning that the two ligaments at the joint were both torn and the shoulder displaced," Stinebaker said.

Emmett's public schedule is being cut back for a while. He's now resting at home, and "and will visit with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow, at which time a date is expected to be set for surgery," the spokesman says.

He might be back in a more or less normal routine by the end of the week, but his tennis future is less certain.

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