Courtney Dickerson's Reaction to Break-Up: Rape, Two Kidnappings & Suicide

It's safe to say 22-year-old Courtney Elton Dickerson didn't take the break-up of his relationship well. So he scarred three lives and ended his own.

Police say Dickerson had been going out with a woman until last week. Thursday he abducted her, raped her and then dropped her off at her job. She immediately called the cops.

The next day he went back to her house and kidnapped her and her two kids, aged two and four. Police were notified as he drove the three around the city for hours.

He eventually went to his mother's house on Northridge Drive south of the Loop. Police had staked the place out, but he saw them before he could be arrested and took off, with the woman and her children still in the vehicle.

After driving a short distance, he jumped out of the car and ran.

"A short distance away, Dickerson shot himself in the head," HPD says. "Patrol officers heard the gunshot and were able to find Dickerson."

He was taken to Ben Taub, where he was pronounced dead. The woman and her children had no physical injuries.

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