Cover Story: The War on Mexicans Has to Stop

America's peculiar war on Mexicans has gone too far, says this week's cover package from Village Voice Media.

A hostile Supreme Court and a feckless Obama administration have resulted in abominations like Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, which gives cops all but carte blanche to question the immigration status of anyone whose looks they don't like, argues VVM's Michael Lacey.

The stated purpose of SB 1070 is "attrition through enforcement," a chillingly efficient phrase.

How does the cop on the beat tell a Mexican from a Mexican-American?

And so, the 74 percent of all Latinos in America who are, in reality, U.S. citizens must be harassed about their origins. Unlike everyone else, they must carry papers.


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VVM commissioned artists associated with the Phoenix-based cultural collective Xico to produce individual covers for each of the papers in the chain.

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