Craig Biggio to Announce His Retirement

Craig Biggio is announcing his retirement

later today

. Of course, as one of my colleagues stated, this is appropriate in that his bat retired following the 2004 season.

(I know, I keep making remarks like that and I'll never get on air with Milo.)

I'm sure that tomorrow's edition of the Chron will be full of the usual testimonials. And Jesus Ortiz will probably do a bit on how Biggio has touched everyone like an angel. And we're going to hear about what a stand-up guy that he is. And about what a gamer he is. Richard Justice will write about Biggio being a first ballot Hall-of-Famer. And Lopez will write something about any voter not voting for Biggio is biased against teams in the South. And John McClain will write something about how the Houston Texans needed someone like Craig Biggio. And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.

But what I'm going to be most curious about is whether testimonials are going to come in from Art Howe, Terry Collins, and Larry Dierker. Dierker's a classy person, so I'm sure if he's asked about Biggio, he'll say something classy. But I'm doubting Terry Collins is going to be called. And I'm doubting that the Chron will look back at Biggio's history as a coach-killer.

I will miss Craig Biggio. And 3,000 hits aside, I kind of wish that he would of retired several seasons ago, so that everyone would remember him as a good player, not someone just hanging on. And Biggio's just been hanging on these past several years.

And, hopefully, this means that the sound guys at MMP will finally retire that stupid-ass buzzing sound effect. It got old about three years ago. -- John Royal

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