Craig Fischer: Weird Doctor Who Sued Ex-Fiancee Says "Sorry," Drops Suit

Craig Fischer, the doctor who sued his ex-fiancée for allegedly refusing to return a $73,000 engagement ring, among other high crimes, has apologized and dropped the lawsuit.

In a statement provided by the ex-fiancée's attorney, Tony Buzbee, Fischer writes: "I apologize for filing a lawsuit against Nichole Johnson. It was a big mistake on my part. I was wrong and should have never done it. I am immediately dropping the case and will pay Nichole $100,000 as attorney's fees. I also want to thank Nichole's attorneys for helping me understand the mistake I made. Again, I am sorry. I will have no further comment."

It's quite a sobering statement from a guy who accused Johnson of agreeing to marry him only for his money while simultaneously dragging his good name through the mud on Facebook.

But actually, what got our attention even more -- we did that cartoony thing where our eyes bugged out and our tongue unrolled down to the floor as an old-timey car horn ah-ooogha'd in the background -- was the $100,000 in attorney's fees. This was such an extremely quick, frivolous case that we can't quite fathom how many billable hours were necessary in order to shut it down. We're guessing it was a way to let Fischer save face and not have to say the bulk of the $100,000 was a sort of idiot tax.

Hey, it takes a big man to admit a mistake. Although we wonder if he would have freely admitted this mistake had Buzbee not released a bunch of texts between Fischer and Johnson that painted Fischer as a bit of a doofus. But love makes us do stupid things, right? We just wish Fischer's lawyer, instead of seeing dollar signs, would have simply seen a heartbroken dude who needed a beer and some bro-time.

We just hope everyone has learned a lesson -- we know we have. And that lesson is this: Johnson is newly single and loaded! We may not have 73-large for a ring satisfying all four C's, but we've got the double-Z's (cubic and IROC) that'd make any gal happy. Wish us luck...

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