Craig Seldin: Attorney Jailed After Temp Tapes Him Jacking Off

One evening in the summer of last year, "Simone" was washing the dishes in her Memorial-area condo. When she glanced up, she was presented with a shocking sight: a man, one she'd often seen walking past her unit on his way to the pool, was standing on the other side of her window, not three feet away. Even worse, according to a police report, the man (later identified as 59-year-old local attorney Craig Seldin) had opened his pants open and was masturbating.

Simone ran upstairs and told her husband what had just happened. The husband looked down from his second-story window, and evidently Seldin was very much in the moment, because he had failed to notice that Simone had fled and was still fapping away.

Simone and the man then bustled outside to confront Seldin. "Why were you masturbating outside my house, in front of my wife?" the husband asked. Seldin said it was all a big misunderstanding and that he would never walk by their condo again. The husband demanded that Seldin give up his name and address but Seldin ran away.

According to the report compiled by HPD's officer R. Wieners (yep, Wieners), Simone and her husband then wrote up what had happened and posted a notice in the mail room of the condo complex. Another resident responded and told them that she thought Seldin, whom she knew to be an attorney, might be the culprit.

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John Nova Lomax
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