Craigslist To Give Up "Erotic Services" Ads

Craigslist -- which we recently described in a feature as being at a crossroads -- seems to have decided which road to take.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced the company will be dropping its "Erotic Services" ads.

The ads have played a role in a series of recent murders and other crimes; AGs across the country (not including Texas) had banded together to force Craigslist to make changes.

Craig Newmark, the founder of the company, recently attended the memorial service for one of the victims. Video and a slideshow of that event can be seen here.

A new category, which will be called "Adult Services," will charge a fee to advertisers and be monitored by Craigslist employees to make sure no hanky-panky goes on. Which doesn't sound too feasible, but what the hey.

Texas AG Greg Abbott, who was not one of the AGs who signed an agreement with Craigslist forcing changes, nevertheless issued a statement on today's announcement.

"This is a win for the safety and security of all who may access craigslist -- especially children," he said. "Making these changes is a step in the right direction, as craigslist must work to eliminate prostitution and other illegal conduct on its site. We will continue to monitor craigslist to ensure it establishes ongoing and meaningful safeguards."

Here's Craigslist's statement on the development, and the analysis of the move by one of the writers of the original feature.

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