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Crashing KTRH's 10th Inning

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Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray shares a story from the airwaves...

I've been moving through the to-do list of my life pretty fast these days. First it was

seeing Tom Petty

, and last night I made it on KTRH's (740 AM) post-Astros

10th Inning

call-in show. At this rate, I'm going to have to get a new hobby pretty soon.

Last night's show was more like 12th Inning, since it took until Geoff Blum's 2-run homer in the 11th inning (and Jose Valverde notching his NL-leading 37th save) to decide the back-and-forth contest on Chicago's north side. And by the way, whoever was running the board and choosing the bumper music last night deserves a raise. True, easing into the play-by-play with Blondie and the Pretenders probably didn't help the 'Stros win the game, but it sure didn't hurt.

My conversation with 10th Inning host Tom Franklin, as best I can remember...

Rocks Off: Hi Tom. I'm a big fan of 10th Inning and your Cougars play-by-play too. Who do you think the top three prospects in the Astros' organization are right now?

Tom Franklin: Well, there's Chris Johnson, the third baseman for Corpus Christi (right, now with the Round Rock Express). And Brian Bogusevic, the pitcher they drafted who's now an outfielder. And the [Corpus Christi] pitcher Bud Norris.

RO: What major leaguers would you possibly trade them for?

TF: Nobody. The Astros' farm system is so depleted, trading the few prospects they do have doesn't make any sense.

RO: Can the Astros even pray to contend next season?

TF: Of course. They have to find some starting pitching in the offseason, though.

RO: But who's out there?

TF: Right now I think you're looking at [Milwaukee's] Ben Sheets and [the Cubs'] Ryan Dempster.

RO: But can the Astros afford them?

I'm pretty sure Franklin hung up on me right about here. I don't take it personally. Hey, it was a long game, and many Lone Stars were consumed to help put the 'Stros over the hump. Plus I think I tried to sell him on the idea of trading for the Cubs' ragin' Cajun second baseman Mike Fontenot, but Franklin insisted Houston is still sold on Kazuo "Disabled List" Matsui. One thing I do wish I'd asked him is why the Astros seem to choose such shitty at-bat music these days. It's just not the same since the Minute Maid Park DJ would spin a different U2 song every time Craig Biggio left the on-deck circle. - Chris Gray, aka "Chris in Midtown"

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