Credit Cards: Houstonians Have Three, And Owe $5,300 On Them

If you're a Houstonian, you have three credit cards in use, and you have a total debt of $5,328.

Many Houstonians right now are going "I wish," we're sure.

But the financial firm Experian insists it's so, after a study that looked at credit card use in big cities across the U.S.

Houston seemed to fare better than most.

With an average of 3.06 cards in use, we were less card-happy than than New York or Pittsburgh, which averaged 3.77 and 3.60 respectively for the first and second spots.

And in terms of debt, we were better off than Columbus, Ohio or Atlanta, both of which posted more than $6,700 in average debt. Houston and San Francisco had the lowest debt among the top 20 cities.

"The study shows that nationally, consumers are opening 26 percent fewer credit cards than they were three years ago. The study also reveals that out of the top metropolitan areas studied, the number of open bank cards were typically higher than retail credit cards, with the exception of four areas -- Pittsburgh, Miami, Columbus and Atlanta -- whose residents seem to favor their retail cards," Experian said.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly