Crips & Bloods: DA Gets Her Civil Injunction Against Them

The Harris County District Attorney's office announced last month they would be seeking civil injunctions against gang members operating near a northeast side apartment complex, and late this afternoon a judge granted the first such one in Harris County.

The temporary injunction issued by Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan "bans members of the notorious Blood and Crip gangs from a 57-acre safety zone established around the Haverstock Hills complex in northeast Harris County," the DAs office said.

"The far-reaching injunction bars the identified gang members from being in the safety zone, or even gathering among themselves in that area. They and their associates are also banned from engaging in gang actions -- flashing "signs" or gang 'colors' or carrying materials capable of being used for graffiti," the office said.

Kim Ogg, a special prosecutor handling the case, said of the apartment complex: ""Haverstock Hills has been a thorn in the side of our community for 30 years. This injunction process is an effective way to fight areas infested by gangs. It is a novel approach that could revolutionize public safety efforts in Harris County."

The injunction is in place until a hearing on a permanent injunction, scheduled for February.

DA Pat Lykos's office said 15 gang members had signed documents agreeing to abide by the injunction; five members have yet to be served with the suit.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.