Crosby Student Uses Twitter to Get Texans Cheerleader for Prom Date; Some Advice

Twitter: @BIG_MIKE_71
These two are set to steal the spotlight at Crosby High's prom.
I wouldn't want to be a girl going to Crosby High School's prom this year. I mean, no matter how hard you try to look good, you'll have to rest your hate because all eyes will likely be on the adult blond who happens to be a professional cheerleader.

Since Thursday a Crosby High School football player has been trying to collect 10,000 retweets so the Texans cheerleader would join him at his prom. We're still not sure if this was some social media marketing trick, but senior lineman Micheal Ramirez sealed the deal by early Friday afternoon.

We won't be too obvious here and tell you what our 18-year-old selves would be thinking about taking a 20-year-old woman to a prom. Instead, we'll offer some advice to Mike, things he can use as conversation starters, and hope this prom is one of those memories that live on for the great-grandkids to hear about. Here are a few things about Caitlyn we thought he should know:

1) Her name is

Caitlyn Rasmussen

. She's been doing this cheering thing a


time. She was

a varsity cheerleader at Cypress Creek High School

just a few years ago.

2) She's a beauty pageant winner, a former Miss Teen Texas and Miss Austin Texas. So try not to stare too hard -- she's gorgeous -- and don't tell her how pretty she looks; she's heard it a bazillion times. (Psst, if you want to see a slideshow of her in a bikini, just check out the Miss Austin USA website.)

3) Here's some advanced player advice. Check out her Pinterest account. It might look like a bunch of girly stuff with pictures of nails and clothes she wants, but this is how you get inside her mind, dude. You'll impress her if you can engage her in banter about pink glitter nail fetish and those Manolos on her shopping list. Things you can't afford, but that she probably can.

4) You may not want to bring this up, but like any attractive woman with some celebrity, the Internets has gossip on her. You'll have to look that one up yourself. Just don't mention Owl City.

It'll be a terrific night, so have fun. Be a gentleman and enjoy. Unlike Caitlyn, this might be your last prom. Oh, and dance respectfully (don't motorboat).

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