Crotch Shot Gives Routine Houston Break-In Story Some Legs (UPDATE)

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UPDATE 4/24:As you can see below, the video we found on Buzzfeed.com was pulled. The powers that be have declared war on this news clip. It's slowly being yanked from YouTube, and its home news website. If you're too curious, we're sure you can Google the details and come up with something.

UPDATE: It looks like some time late Wednesday afternoon someone pulled the plug on KPRC's camel toe video. We're a little surprised a news organization would just disappear a video like that, and we thought maybe the anti-camel toe lobby sent them a cease and desist. But since we know the Internet is a lot smarter than you think we headed over to Buzzfeed.com where someone had already helped preserve this moment of local news history.

Original post: In some ways it's a bit of a surprise that a routine burglary story from Monday continues to be the most-watched video on KPRC-TV's website.

If not for the spectacle of that female fashion faux pas known at the camel toe, the video (you can watch it below) would have hit the bottom of the list by Tuesday morning.

The media scrum to get to a good story can always lead to disaster, or maybe in this case it was just lazy reporting. The story involved around six teens and a couple of adults who allegedly tried to steal lawn equipment and some electronics from a home, but were caught before they could get away with the goods. Various websites, including the creeper lot over at Reddit, were wowed by this display of the mega outline of some Harris County woman's labia majora. Obviously, so were we.

We can only imagine that KPRC's team got to the scene a little late because all they got was a woman standing in a doorway, her hands gesturing over her crotch to lead the news package. The camera guy, who we hope got a bit of a scolding for this poor choice of camera work even moved in for a close-up.

We get that broadcast journalists have a problem if they don't have footage, they have no story. To the reporter's credit though, maybe he just took a leap of faith and at least got a witness to comment, even if it was just the anonymous camel toe of a witness. Of course, people more often than not are way too nervous to be on camera. But a long-take on a woman's crotch with a kid next to her is what these reporters went with anyway.

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Women's naughty bits weren't crucial to the story, as you can see how KTRK-TV reported the story.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.