Crystal Martinez, Alicia Martinez and Tina Marie Trevino: Brownsville Women Accused in Beatdown, Sexual Assault of Love Rival (UPDATED)

UPDATED AFTER THE JUMP....Two Rio Grande Valley women were jailed and a third is on the run after police accused the trio of beating and sexually assaulting a woman who "stole" one of their boyfriends.

According to Valleycentral.com, the trouble started Thursday night at a nightclub in Brownsville's Southmost neighborhood. That was where Crystal Martinez first accused her rival of stealing away her man.

Later that evening, the victim had the misfortune of attending the same late-night apartment complex party as Crystal Martinez and some of her friends. There, according to Cameron County sheriff Omar Lucio, things got physical. Extremely physical.

"They knocked her down to the floor, they tore off her clothing and they sexually assaulted her with their fingers," Lucio said.

When her boyfriend attempted to come to her rescue, he was reportedly knocked to the ground. The assault ceased only when a party guest fired a pistol in the air.

Crystal Martinez and Alicia Martinez were arrested in the aftermath. Both were charged with aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault and placed in jail under bonds of $45,000. Crystal Martinez was apparently free by Saturday, because she was in a Matamoros barroom by then, boasting that it was "Michelob time" on her Facebook timeline, all while calling out her alleged victim and proclaiming her innocence.

As of Saturday, police were seeking alleged accomplice Tina Marie Trevino, who despite being on the run, apparently found the time to taunt police and protest her innocence on Facebook and in the comments at Valleycentral.com's story.

We say "apparently," because Trevino and Martinez write in a potty-mouthed Spanglish Valley patois that is indecipherable to native speakers of English and Spanish. In fact, we think we blew one of Bing.com's servers when we asked it to translate one of Crystal Martinez's protestations of innocence...

The online translator made this....

Paciiencia con esta bola de gente k no tiene nda mas k aser,k puro choneo y mentiras,, pero ya no falta nda para k todo salga ah luz! &thats when ima be laughiing Biitch!!

out as this....

Paciiencia with this people k ball has no nda more k aser, k pure choneo and lies, but now do not miss nda for all k out ah light! & thats when ima be laughiing Chihuahua!

WTF? "Biitch" means "Chihuahua"?

But we digress...At any rate, despite the serious felonies facing her, Crystal Martinez seems unconcerned. Two days ago, still in Matamoros, she sent another message to her fans and detractors, an invocation to the Angel of Most Holy Death, a.k.a. La Flakita.

This one we won't leave to Bing: "And I fear nothing, not even death, because until it comes, I bring it with me. And besitos to my HATERz!."

UPDATE: Trevino is now behind bars, as is Emmanuel Guerrero, the boyfriend at the heart of all the drama. According to Valleycentral.com, Brownsville police arrested him after they found two pounds of weed at his apartment while they were investigating his nephew for an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault.

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