Crystal Sierra: Galveston Woman Jumps Gun On Birthday, Ends Up In Jail

Another week, and another Crystal gets in trouble in a kind of awesome way.

This time it's now-23-year-old Crystal Angelita Sierra's turn.

Seems last Sunday was her 23rd birthday, and apparently Sierra found the very prospect of that occasion so exciting she started celebrating early.

By 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, she was in fine form.

According to the Galveston County Daily News, police found her in the middle of the intersection of Avenue O ½ and 39th Street, singing, dancing and hollering that it was her birthday. Her attire was puzzling -- she was wearing medical scrubs, though she is not employed in the medical field. (By the looks of her mugshot, she seems to have been impersonating either Wendy or Lisa in Prince's Purple Rain-era Revolution.)

"She was apparently intoxicated on something," Galveston police Sgt. Mark Pilsner told the Daily News. "We tried to get her out of the road."

Go shawty!

(Helps if you play this while you read the post -- we kind of imagine this is what it sounded like in Sierra's head while she was dancing in the streets.)

By the time midnight rolled around, the birthday girl was being booked into Galveston County Jail, whereupon she was rearrested for trying to pass herself off under a couple of pseudonyms. She remains there as of this writing.

This is Sierra's second trip there in as many months; back in August she was booked for assaulting her dad with a broom handle and a kitchen knife.

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