Crystal Sugars: Not As Sweet As She Sounds, Allegedly

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Erin Go Bragh, Crystal go downtown.
Sure and begorra it sounds like it was quite the St Paddy's Day donnybrook for Crystal Angel Sugars.

Police say in court documents that the 38-year-old Humble woman slugged two men, one of whom was both her business partner in a bar and also her boyfriend, thus netting misdemeanor charges of assault / bodily injury and assault / family violence.

But you know those Crystals: they seldom confine themselves to mere misdemeanors when there are felony charges in the offing. And Ms. Sugars was no exception. According to a third criminal complaint filed Saturday, she spit on the cop who came to collect her, thus racking up a third-degree felony harassment of a public servant rap.

This was neither her first (or second) assault charge this month nor the first time she's gone aggro on a cop this decade.

Back on March 8, she is alleged to have punched out a woman while trespassing on the property of another man.

Those charges came seven months after her conviction stemming from a 2010 case wherein she kicked a Houston cop in the abdomen while he was struggling to restrain her in the back of his police cruiser. Charged initially with felony cop-assault, Sugars and her attorneys were later able to bargain the DA's office down to a misdemeanor, for which she served a mere three days in Harris County Jail.

And way back in 1999, Sugars was sentenced to two days in jail and fined $900 after her conviction yet another assault, and eight years before that she got six months probation for resisting arrest. Fans of Texas DWI case law will also find that her name rings out in the annals there too.

On her Facebook page, Sugars describes herself as the vice-president of Sugar's Sports Lounge, a swanky multilevel FM 1960 tavern.

Early on that fateful St. Patrick's day, someone affiliated to the club posted this:

Hey ya'll!! It's St. Patrick's Day...time to get your Irish on!! Doors open at 3 with Crawfish at $6 a pound...buy 2 get 1 free!!!! Happy Hour is running all day and night!!! $1.50 green beer!!!!!

DJ Hollywood starts spinning at 10 with all your favorites from past and present!!!

Be sure to join us...you'll never know what you'll see at Sugar's!!

Ah yes. If all the shenanigans reported in those criminal complaints are true, and assuming they went down at Sugar's, that last bit is an understatement even Samuel Beckett would envy.

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