Crystina Becerra: Penthouse Club Stripper Wanted After Putting Two Patrons In Hospital

In an altercation that put us in mind of Jerome Ponette, it all started with a squabble between two strippers over something one of them likely believed the other had stolen.

Before it was all over, two men would be writhing in pain in the parking lot of a Southwest Houston strip club. They would allegedly be put there by 24-year-old Crystina Becerra, one of the two dancers in the spat over the missing item.

According to an affidavit filed last week, investigators say that the manager of the Penthouse Club told them that he attempted to eject Becerra from the premises after her spat with her work-mate. To put it mildly, Becerra refused to go gently into that good night. The manager says that Becerra then assaulted him, and likewise tore into a bouncer who came to the manager's aid.

Nevertheless, by that time they had managed to get Becerra outside, whereupon the manager says he offered to call her a cab. Another one of the dancers also offered to arrange to take Becerra home, but she allegedly refused both of those offers, choosing instead to get behind the wheel of her own car.

And instead of heading home, Becerra allegedly beelined for the manager and the bouncer. Apparently, we won't be seeing Ms. Becerra in any stunt-driving competitions soon, because instead of striking her two antagonists, it is alleged that she slammed into two patrons instead, causing unspecified serious injuries to both, including breaking one man's femur.

Becerra left the scene and is currently a fugitive. She faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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