Curtis Doss: Tax Collector Pleads Guilty To Misusing Public Funds, Keeps Job

Curtis Doss is the Tax Collector of Burleson County.

Curtis Doss pleaded guilty last week to misapplying public funds.

Curtis Doss will not be losing his job as Tax Collector of Burleson County.

Why? The wily Doss misused public funds in his other political job, that of Tax Assessor. Oh, he's out of that job, to be sure. You can't have someone who goes around misapplying funds assessing your taxes. You can have him collecting your taxes, apparently.

The Bryan-College Station Eagle reports that Doss had originally been indicted on felony charges in connection with $5,400 missing from the accounts of the tax assessor's office; a plea bargain reduced the charge to a misdemeanor.

Doss resigned from the assessor's job, but Texas law doesn't require an officeholder to resign for a misdemeanor, so he's keeping his Tax Collector job, thank you very much.

Burleson County officials tell the Eagle they have reviewed the accounts of the Tax Collector's office and found no discrepancies.

Doss' lawyer tells the paper it's all a misunderstanding, as these things usually are.

[Attorney Cam] Reynolds said Doss' crime was simply an honest mistake in which he placed money in a wrong account.

"He had already paid some of it back [before his indictment] and he is paying the rest of it back by the end of the year," Reynolds said. "I think he's a good man who just mishandled some funds."

That good man will be safe in his job until 2012, at least, when he's up for re-election.

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