CUTE ALERT!! Rodeo Babies & the Kids Who Pet Them: 10 Winning Pictures

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a place where animals are born and some are sold off to die.

But we're all about the happy part here.

The rodeo lets you see newborn babes just making their first steps into the world, and it lets little kids from the city get up close with slightly bigger babes at the petting zoo.

Things can get kinda cute. As these ten photos by Allison McPhail demonstrate:

10. Big eyes for a big new world She already looks suspicious of things.

9. It's a piggie party! Hey you -- the wallflower on the top left -- come on out and get your piggie groove on.

8. Dis t'ing's a sausage fest, I'm tellin' ya Meanwhile, these two look like a couple of guys at the bar wondering where all the chicks are. Which is odd, really, because they are chicks.

7. Typical Facebook picture One person making the duck face, the other ignoring everything in order to stare into the camera.

6. "Don't slip away and I won't hold so tight" Lyrics not only applicable to "a child who's in flight," apparently.

5. "You've got your mother in a whirl..." "...She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl." But she's trying to find out.

4. Two cuties here Doesn't get any sweeter than a little cutie-pie all dolled up for the rodeo, petting a gentle...whatever that thing is. Sheep, lamb or goat? One of those, we're betting.

3. Get yer own Already knows to keep a firm grip on the food.

2. Mama's tired, kids Y'all just feed yourselves, okay?

1. And so to bed Sweet dreams, baby.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.