Cute New Dinosaur Billboards Coming...For the Creation Museum?

What kid can resist a dinosaur museum?

So when a billboard like this goes up in Houston, which the AP says is going to happen, you might have to do some fast talking.

"But, little Johnny, I'm not sure I want you thinking that dinosaurs and humans were around at the same time, because it's not what we call 'true.' you know," you might ask. He'll counter with a Barney argument, and you're fucked.

So maybe it's better if you just distract them as approaching the billboard, once you notice it's for the Creation Museum in Kentucky, the magical Bible-y place where evolution never happened, Adam & Eve palled around with T. Rex and all kinds of good (imaginary) things occurred.

The museum hopes to put up a billboard in every state, according to the blog of Answers in Genesis, the parent ministry of the museum.

Please pray that these billboards will be used to bring many people to the God-honoring and Bible-upholding Creation Museum. Did you know that almost two thirds of Americans (190 million people) live within a day's drive of the museum? And besides, having illustrations of dinosaurs associated with the Creation Museum on these billboards is in itself sending a message to the public. Even people living in California will be able to see one of these boards. Then they can go to our website to find out more about our ministry and the creation/gospel message.

Or you could, you know, just go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science's new Hall of Paleontology.

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Richard Connelly
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